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3rd Annual Interstate Hickory Tournament Results

October 28, 2010
3rd Annual Interstate Hickory Tournament
October 22-23, 2010
Old Kinderhook Golf Club, Missouri

Ten Teams represented Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska and Ohio competed in the Men’s Section, and 4 represented Missouri and Nebraska in the Ladies’ Section, in perfect golfing weather.

The Men’s Event was played in a Two-Ball Better Ball and Twosomes format, applying the English Stableford scoring method. Full handicaps were applied to the Two Ball and half the combined handicaps to the Twosomes.

The results were:

Mike Austen & Dave Gamet (Nebraska): 43 pts & 37 pts - (80)   1st
Jan Skola & Don Uberroth (Missouri): 38 pts & 36 pts - (74)   2nd
Peter Herrington & Fred Smeltzer (Missouri): 41 pts & 33 pts - (74)
Bill Read & John Ausen (Iowa): 37 pts & 35 pts - (72)
Jim Beatson & Jay McCubbin (Missouri): 41 pts & 31 pts - (72)
Brad Baird & Bryant Murphy (Illinois): 41 pts & 31 pts - (72)
Dick Shanahan & Duane Baylor (Nebraska): 38 pts & 29 pts - (67)
Chuck Howington & Mike Strasko (Ohio): 34 pts & 28 pts - (62)
Bill Beasley & Jim Doores (Missouri): 25 pts & 18 pts - (43)
Charlie Bare & Don Ross (Missouri): 22 pts & 21 pts - (43)

The Ladies played a Two Person Scramble on both days, applying half combined handicap on stroke-play,  with the following results:

Hilde Bare & Cindy Skola (Missouri): 66 pts & 64 pts - 1st
Cindy Austen & Chris Shanahan (Nebraska): 70 pts & 65 pts - 2nd
Debbie Herrington & Sherry Smeltzer (Missouri): 72 pts & 70 pts
Judy Beasley & Leslie Ross (Missouri): 82 pts & 64 pts

Dick Shanahan presented a splendid permanent trophy for the Ladies’ Event, to accompany the Men’s Hickory Cup, which both remain on display at the Old Kinderhook Clubhouse. The winning and second placed teams received trophies crafted by Russ Fisher and donated by the Hickory Golf Association, and embroidered towels made by Sherry Smeltzer.

Jim Beatson lowered the hickory Course Record on Friday from 76 to 75 gross, and eagerly awaits some competition to get down to par!

Once again, the highlight of the social side was the Thursday evening reception hosted by Fred and Sherry Smeltzer, where 136 single malts; wine and delicious food was enjoyed by all. The accommodation and Friday and Saturday Dinners were provided by Old Kinderhook; and Claire Baylor, the only non-playing Spouse, assured the assembly she had most fun, visiting the Antique Malls!

Next year the Tournament will revert to its usual date, the first weekend in November.

Peter Herrington, Tournament Director