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In Memory of Charles Howard Mulligan lll

February 08, 2017
In Memory of Charles Howard Mulligan lll Image

Charlie Mulligan called every golf shot he ever struck a "mulligan," but unlike most of us, they were not "do-overs" or "breakfast balls," they all counted. Charlie has gone on to greener fairways and is enjoying his time with the "Caddy Master Upstairs." This play on words symbolized Charlie's love of life and the way he played the game that he loved. Charlie, of Haigler, Nebraska, left this earthly golf course on the morning of August 12, 2016 at the age of 71 years and 10 months. Charlie found the pains and pleasures of hickory golf later in his retirement years but embraced the fraternity of hickory players with a passion that he also shared with his passion for family, art, gourmet cooking and preserving the history of the game.

In addition to joining the Society of Hickory Golfers, The Hickory Golf Association and the Golf Collectors Society, he was instrumental in the development of The Ballyneal Golf and Hunt Club of Holyoke, Colorado, not far from his extreme western Nebraska home. He became the "Senior Caddy" at Ballyneal as well as the club historian and developed a Mentorship program to nurture younger caddies at that club.

His favorite hickory tournaments were the Heart of America and the Iowa Hickory Classic which endeared him to many of those that had been playing for decades. He enjoyed play at the Mid Pines Tourney in the Southern Pines, North Carolina area and tongue in cheek told all those that would listen that the Mulligan's Grill at Southern Pines Country Club was named after him. He broke 90 in tournament play at the US Hickory Open with an 89, when held at the Miami Valley Country Club in the summer of 2015. That barrier had been broken in many practice rounds and social rounds but until then, that score had been elusive in tournament competition. He was fighting his health battles at that time and was proud that he won that scoring battle in competition and was able to medal in his last US Hickory Open.

Charlie's "best pal" was his life's partner and bride of 46 years, Myrna Collicott Mulligan. A few select hickory friends would occasionally receive an unexpected treat from Charlie. I was one of those that received, loved, and completely consumed a jar of Myrna's Wild Plum Jelly. Charlie was more proud to share his wife's jelly with friends than the time he shot his tournament best score. Whenever I shoot a "mulligan" in future rounds, it won't be a do-over, it will be in Charlie's honor.

Your friend, Bill Reed