Hickory Golf Association

Results of the The Fifth Annual Iowa Hickory Classic

November 01, 2011

The Iowa Hickory Classic held at the Tom Bendelow design Hyperion Field Club in Des Moines, Iowa last September featured over 40 players and a total attendance of 60, counting guests and tradeshow participants. This tourney is a joint effort of the hosting Hickory Golf Association along with members of the Golf Collectors Society and the Society of Hickory Golfers.

Congratulations to the following players:

Ladies Division:
1st Place - Cindy Austin of Omaha, Nebrsaka
2nd Place - Chris Shanahan of Shelby, Nebraska
3rd Place - Jina Young of  Colfax, Iowa

Scramble Division
Walter Hagen Flite Winners:

Rives McBee of Irving, Texas
John Ausen of Des Moines, Iowa
David Hart of Wichita, Kansas
Bob Miller of Polk City, Iowa

Bobby Jones Flite Winners:
Clayton Copple of Des Moines, Iowa
Peter Herrington of St. Louis, Missouri

Ron Luster of Omaha, Nebraska

Francis Ouimet Flite Winners:
Bob Jackson of Atlanta, Georgia
John Jackson of Sioux City, Iowa
Bill Reed of Des Moines, Iowa

Open Medal Play:
1st  Place  - 85 - Jeff Wendel of Ankeny, Iowa
2nd Place - 89 - Jordan Angell of Mason City, Iowa

Open Reserve:
1st  Place - 78 - Chuck Howington of St. Louis, Mo.
2nd Place - 78 - Dave Gamet of St. Joseph, Mo. 

Senior Medal Play:
1st  Place - 78 - John Hutton of Lakewood, Co.

2nd Place - 82 - Jim Carrothers of Des Moines, Iowa

Senior Reserve:
1st  Place - 68 - Steve Krantz of Des Moines, Iowa

2nd Place - 71 - David Dunigan of Lincoln, Nebraska

Thanks to all who attended from 8 separate states, including GCS regional directors Bryant Murphy of region 6 and Rives McBee of region 4.