Hickory Golf Association

World Hickory Golf Day

May 02, 2021 - May 02, 2021
Global Hickory Golf Celebration
The day was conceived as National Hickory Golf Day in 2016 by Durel Billy of the AP National Golf Club in Federal Way, Wash. Billy, who enjoys hickory golf, hoped to provide a day where regional groups across the U.S. might celebrate together. Scheduled to fall on the first Sunday in May, the concept has evolved to become an international invitation to celebrate our favorite sport. So, get together with friends and enjoy a round. If the weather is inclement in your part of the world, gather with your hickory golfing friends in the local pub, or share a chat on a Zoom call. However you get together, be sure to send us photos. Let’s show the world that the global community of hickory golfers is truly enthusiastic about this incredible game. Surely yours would not like to be the only region not to send a photo! Have some fun and do it up big. It’s hickory golf, after all. Send your photos to:  editorthegolf@gmail.com  We’ll share them on Facebook and on this website.